Discover the best smart watches for women with exclusive designs

 The smart watch or smartwatch is a basic tool to be connected with the day to day, always have the time at hand and be more aware of body rhythms. It is designed for an infinite number of options, from offering metrics on health and sleep quality to scheduling menstrual reminders or training with different sports functions.

Undoubtedly, when choosing a watch, they are the perfect complement if you are looking for style and comfort, since there are beautiful designs and offer countless features without having to hold your mobile phone in your hand. Practical, tactile and intuitive and the best company for the routine. Discover in this selection some of the best options available on Amazon, with exceptional value for money.

Multifunctional smart watch for women

Sports smartwatch with round and waterproof touch screen. It has eight different sports modes and is capable of submerging up to fifty meters.

With this bracelet on your wrist you can control music, monitor heart rate in real time and track sleep, as well as have numerous functions such as stopwatch, timer or different sedentary, meeting or call reminders . Its battery is very durable, since with only two hours of charging it can work for between seven and twelve days.

With menstrual reminders

The reminder of the woman’s menstrual cycle and ovulation can be adjusted and adapted according to the needs. In addition, you can control the mobile camera and take pictures from the watch.

Smartwatch for women Amazfit Bip U, various colors

Enjoy faster and clearer time display, thanks to the large digital display of this women’s smartwatch. You can customize what appears on your watch’s home screen, like the time, date, weather, heart rate, and more!

The Amazfit smartwatch monitors the quality of sleep during the night and also the stress level, in addition to providing breathing exercises to help balance imbalances instantly.

Includes 60 sports modes

It has been designed with a super light body (31 grams), which makes it an ideal fitness watch for sports. It also analyzes the level of oxygen in the blood while doing a physical activity and has more than 60 sports modes. In addition, it is waterproof and can be submerged up to 50 meters.

Blackview women’s smartwatch, three colors

It is a smart watch for women equipped with more than 20 functions, some of which can measure heart rate or sleep quality. It is accompanied by a spare strap, with a more elegant and sophisticated style, to be exchanged depending on the look. In addition, it has good resistance to water, so you can shower without having to take it off (not submersible).

The watch is compatible with most electronic devices and allows you to view mobile phone notifications on the watch screen itself (by activating the function), as well as selecting the vibration mode to instantly know when new messages or incoming calls arrive.

Check oxygen saturation

This smart watch can automatically monitor the oxygen saturation in the blood, issuing precise data that is really practical to monitor the state of health, specifically the respiratory system.

Fitbit Women’s Activity Tracker, Four Colors

Improve your well-being from the wrist thanks to this smart watch for women, the Fitbit Luxe model, designed with elegant finishes and an extra-thin strap that provides comfort when wearing it. It shows a daily score from 1 to 100 based on how your body is, analyzing different physical signs, and also analyzes your rest to know how you slept.

It is compatible with iOS/Android, offers access to a mobile APP and can also receive notifications for calls, text messages or the apps you select. The battery is long lasting, with a range of up to five days.

For swimming

The perfect option for lovers of swimming, the beach or the pool, since this smart watch is submersible and can even automatically record how long and how far you have swum.

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