Bizum scams: this is how you can avoid being scammed

Cybercriminals take every opportunity to scam the most naive, stealing sensitive information and even money

The digitization of society is a reality and the frequency of internet use has skyrocketed in millions of homes, causing many people to not conceive of a life without internet connection. Although being connected has countless advantages, this also brings with it a series of drawbacks, such as our data being more exposed to society than ever . Therefore, in the digital age, cybercriminals take every opportunity to swindle the most naive, stealing not only sensitive information but also money.

In this sense, many banks, companies and even applications such as Bizum have been victims of these scammers along with their millions of customers and users. Given that cybercriminals are becoming more ingenious in their techniques , the Bizum blog has drawn up a list of cases in which “bizumers” may be more likely to be deceived.

Second hand shopping

In this case, the cybercriminal poses as a buyer interested in buying a second-hand product for sale. The scammer then indicates to his next victim that he will make the payment for Bizum and requests his phone number. The seller receives a message and accepts the operation without realizing that he is receiving a request , for which he is paying the other user, instead of charging the corresponding amount.

Advance payments

The Bizum scam occurs when the scammer poses as a seller who offers a series of products on Internet sales pages at very attractive prices. After capturing the interest of the buyer, this cybercriminal requests part of the money in advance or even the total amount, thus taking a considerable amount without the victim receiving anything in return.

Social Security Payments

This alleged scam is carried out through an SMS message, in which the cybercriminal poses as Social Security. The victim receives a statement indicating that the Ministry has a Social Security payment pending, whether for an ERTE or benefit that she must pay urgently by Bizum. However, from the Bizum blog they explain that neither this application nor the bank “will ask you for data by email or other links” and it is also “very important” to operate from the bank’s verified channels.

Payment by mistake through WhatsApp

Another of the scams occurs when a cyberclient sends a WhatsApp to the victim telling him that he has sent him a Bizum by mistake , thus claiming the amount that has been sent. However, despite the fact that he is apparently a contact of the victim, this is not the case, and by not verifying this situation, the person immediately accepts the request for money.

What can I do if I have been scammed?

In this sense, if a person has fallen into the trap of cybercriminals through the Bizum application , they recommend that their users carry out a series of steps:

  • First of all, the victims must know that all the information of the operations remains registered in the systems . Therefore, if a person has been scammed, all the data of the person who has received the money is available and “there is always a trail to follow”.
  • After being scammed, the Bizum user must file a complaint with the State security forces and bodies , since as it is considered a crime according to the Penal Code, the resolution must be sought in this way.
  • Finally, from Bizum they assure that this application collaborates “at all times in the pursuit of the alleged scammer by providing the data we have as soon as the competent authorities in your case request it from us officially”.
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