10 ways to become more aware

In my previous article, it was about 14 reasons to become more aware. Here, we will discover together how to achieve this in 10 points. What do we mean by “becoming more conscious”?

Well, to become more conscious is to gradually gain control of your mind. The challenge is that it takes awareness to improve awareness. However, there is no need to worry, because you already have the seed inside you.

You have a flame, and you wish to transform this flame into a huge inferno. You obviously need to use an accelerant.

The list below includes examples of how you can activate the flame of your consciousness to turn it into a bonfire.

I admit, the analogy is a bit forced, but you get the idea.

So here are 10 ways to become more aware:

1) The truth

The truth raises your consciousness while the lie lowers it.

Above all, accept the truth.

When you are afraid to know and face a truth, it lowers your level of consciousness.

Step on the scale to see how much you weigh.

Have a long talk with your spouse about the status of your relationship.

Take stock of your career.

Whatever truth comes your way after that, embrace it.

Don’t just see the current state of things without doing anything behind it.

Accept the truth that comes your way.

Think about all the implications of this truth. Accept your feelings about this truth as well, whether you like it or not.

Then tell the truth.

If honesty is a challenge for you, it means you’re not being honest enough with yourself.

The lies you tell others are masked by the lies you tell yourself.

Identify the areas in which you feel unable to be honest, and dig to find out why.

You will discover a part of yourself that you did not want to accept.

Indeed, we do not lie about the aspects of his personality that we accept 100%.

The more you are able to accept and speak the truth, the more aware you become.

Raise your consciousness by uncovering and eliminating all traces of lies from your life.

Let this process happen gradually.

As your level of awareness increases, you will find it less difficult to demonstrate true honesty.

It’s obvious that going from lies and half-truths to the full truth can have consequences, but highly aware people know that crossing that bridge is worth it.

A short-term adjustment is nothing compared to the joys of living honestly and openly.

It’s so much easier and less stressful to be yourself and allow others to do the same.

Not everyone will appreciate the “real you”, especially if people have gotten used to a fake version of your personality, but that won’t matter once you learn to accept and appreciate yourself. as you are.

the courage to become more aware

2) Courage

Courage raises your consciousness while cowardice lowers it.

Courage is the gatekeeper between unconscious growth and conscious growth.

As long as you stay on the side of the unconscious, life will keep throwing you into trouble until you step forward and take matters into your own hands.

When you face your fear, it disappears and problems turn into opportunities.

On the other hand, when you run away from it, it only grows.

There is a powerful guiding principle you can adopt: “What I fear, I must face.”

The more you face your fears, the more aware you become.

As you master this lesson, your courage becomes less necessary.

Indeed, once you have developed the courage to face all the fears that life throws at you, you stop attracting so many fear-based experiences into your life.

This explains why courage is the dividing line between unconscious growth and conscious growth.

Mastering courage gives you the power to decide how you will grow instead of falling victim to the whims of fate.

3) Compassion

Compassion elevates your consciousness while cruelty lowers it.

The best way to become more aware is to spot the signs of unconscious cruelty and disconnection in your life.

This exercise can be very difficult, as it also requires courage.

Yes, we naturally resist the idea of ​​facing our own cruelty, but it is there, just waiting to be discovered.

Compassion is the root of unconditional love, a feeling of connection with all that exists.

Do you feel connected to yourself? To others ? To animals ? To all living beings? To everything that exists?

The more you develop this connection, the more aware and alert you will become.

desire to become more aware

4) Desire

Desire elevates your consciousness while apathy stifles it.

When you clearly define what you desire, for example by setting a goal, you raise your consciousness.

Clarity allows you to better channel your mind and gives you the power to think and act intelligently.

You can experience this effect whenever you think of something that you absolutely desire.

On the other hand, when your desire is imprecise, your consciousness becomes confused.

You lack concentration and bearings, and you simply go around in circles.

Strive to better define what you really desire, and your consciousness will expand accordingly.

5) Attention

Attention elevates your awareness while distraction stifles it.

Improving your ability to concentrate will make you a more aware person.

If, on the other hand, you allow your mind to drown in distractions, your consciousness will sink.

Remember that a distracted mind is a helpless mind.

Meditation is a great way to develop mindfulness and concentration.

Sit quietly, breathe deeply, and focus on your mind, doing your best to shut out distracting thoughts.

It’s a simple exercise, but one that can take a lifetime to master.

6) Knowledge

Knowledge elevates your consciousness while ignorance stifles it.

First of all, you need to know yourself.

Think carefully about your life, and keep a journal to record your thoughts.

Ask yourself questions you don’t know the answers to, then seek them out.

Also look around you and absorb all the knowledge available in the elements around you.

Show curiosity and wonder about your direct surroundings. Study it. Learn from him. Experiment.

Strive to understand reality and your role in it as accurately as possible.

The more accurate your beliefs about reality are, the more aware you will become.

7) The reason

Reason elevates your consciousness, but irrationality harms it.

It is a powerful ally of consciousness when used properly.

It gives structure and substance to thought.

However, the great challenge that logic imposes is to avoid false assumptions.

One wrong assumption can rock a lifetime of otherwise logical decisions.

So question all your beliefs, and never be too sure of those that are based on elements that are difficult to verify.

rubbing shoulders with more conscious people

8) Conscious people

Conscious people can help raise your consciousness, which unconscious people cannot.

Associate with people you perceive to be at a higher level of consciousness than your own.

Talk to them, ask them questions and enjoy their presence.

Allow their ideas and awareness to infect you, and you will find that you are evolving in all directions.

You will become more honest, more courageous, more compassionate, etc.

On the other hand, if you spend time with people with a level of consciousness lower than yours, you will gradually descend to their level.

Their thoughts will also infect you, causing you to become more dishonest, more fearful, more apathetic, etc.

Seek to balance the time you spend with people who raise your awareness and those you can help.

Learn from those who have a higher level of awareness than you, and help those who are a little less aware than you.

In this way, you will serve the highest good of all, expanding consciousness everywhere.

9) Energy

Energy elevates your consciousness, but disease extinguishes it.

Take care of your body, as it is your main way of interacting with the world.

Energy gives you a continuous flow of vital experiences.

But without energy, you starve your consciousness.

Eat mindfully about what you are consuming.

Exercise with awareness of what you are doing to your body and mind.

Before introducing anything into your system, consider its effect on your energy, not only in the short term, but also in the long term.

Get in the habit of asking yourself the following question: “Is this act that I am about to perform going to bring me more energy or, on the contrary, make me sick?” »

intend to become more conscious

10) Intent

If you intend to raise your consciousness, eventually it will happen.

Similarly, if you want it to stagnate or fall, it will.

Consciousness has the ability to expand or contract, just as you have the ability to embrace the path of personal growth or commit suicide.

You have the freedom to choose, no matter what.

By sincerely expressing your intention, “I intend to become more aware and alert,” you are initiating the expansion of your consciousness.

Maintaining the intention to improve in any of the previous nine areas will produce a similar effect.

Moreover, you are perfectly free to lower your level of consciousness at any time.

Although you’re unlikely to choose to do this directly, you can achieve the same effect indirectly by lowering your performance in any of the previous nine areas.

By choosing to lie, to succumb to fear, to commit acts of cruelty, to remain ignorant, etc., you manifest the intention to suppress your conscience.

And in doing so, you initiate a process that will attract more lies, fear, cruelty, ignorance, etc. in your life.

Every thought you entertain serves to elevate or stifle your consciousness.

There is no neutrality in this case. So act wisely.

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